pucks third birthday

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In july Puck turned 3. It was the first time we really celebrated her birthday. We made birthday invitations. She chose to have a chocolate cake. Her favourite color is blue “and I also like pink!” Her biggest wish was a “pedal bike”. birthday Puck :: la-fete.nl

So… being a real mom, I started baking, and sewing, and cooking, and decorating to throw my girl a real birthday party. We had chocolate cake, and carrot cake (for the people that don’t like chocolate?!?). I made her a birthday T-shirt and a real party skirt. We invited all the grandparents, her cousins and her two best friends.

birthday Puck :: la-fete.nl birthday Puck :: la-fete.nlbirthday Puck :: la-fete.nlShe got loads of presents: the desired “pedal” bike. A doll bed, beautiful new books, a Cars toy, a big pile of Duplo from her cousin Tom, who became to big for it. My old doll-house, complete restored by grandma.birthday Puck :: la-fete.nl  birthday Puck :: la-fete.nlbirthday Puck :: la-fete.nl  birthday Puck :: la-fete.nl

birthday Puck :: la-fete.nlbirthday Puck :: la-fete.nlAnd, a very nice dutch custom, we decorated her chair. I try to make a new garland every year, this time I decided to make one of these.birthday Puck :: la-fete.nl birthday Puck :: la-fete.nl

At the daycare she treated strawberries and melon. I think it was a perfect day!
birthday Puck :: la-fete.nl