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I do believe that one of the best ways to get your kids eat well, is to involve them in cooking. Feeling, tasting, smelling it’s fun (but messy ;). So here a tutorial to make a little chef’s apron.[La Fete Tutorial] Apron 4 ::

what you’ll need:
• A piece of fabric (approx. 100 x 60 cm)
I found mine at Ikea, they have lots of very cool, study fabrics
• twill tape – 200cm (2,5 – 3 cm wide)
• wooden button
• measuring tape
• (tracing) paper
• pen/pencil
• scissors
• pins
• yarn
• sewing machine
• iron(ing board)

[La Fete Tutorial] Apron materials ::

About the pattern
I drew my own pattern, you can find the template here. I made the smaller sized apron and cut the pattern from craft paper, but any paper will do. The smaller size will probably fit kids from 2,5 – 5 years. For bigger kids, use the bigger pattern. Note: I didn’t test the bigger one.

Step 1 – cut the fabric
The pattern is a half apron, so fold your fabric, right side facing and pin the pattern on top of it. The longest side along the fold. Trace the pattern and cut the fabric. Leave a seam allowance of 2cm at the armholes, about 4 cm on the side and about 6 cm on top of the apron. [La Fete Tutorial] Apron step1a ::

Place the cut apron (folded & pinned) with the armhole curve on top of the two quarter circle pieces you just cut off along the armhole curve. Trace. You should have a strip in shape of the armhole curve. Cut.[La Fete Tutorial] Apron step1b ::

Unpin the paper, turn the apron and trace the pattern on the wrong side of the other half.

Step 2 – sew the armhole

This is the hardest part of this project, and needs maybe a bit fiddling around with the iron and a lot of pins!

Pin the armhole linings quickly on top of the apron (right sides facing). Turn, now repin the linings, so that they are placed neat and correct and you can see the pattern. Sew along the armhole curve.

[La Fete Tutorial] Apron step2a ::

Turn the apron, open the lining and iron. Fold to the back (wrong sides are facing nu. Iron along the seam. Turn the apron. Here comes the fiddling. You have to fold the lining into the inside and pin it. If the lining is too long, trim it. Making little cuts can help to get the curve right. Remember, this is the inside of the apron, so it doesn’t have to be perfect. Double stitch: make two seams, on either side of the lining.[La Fete Tutorial] Apron step2b ::

Step 3 – attach neckband

Fold the top of the apron inward. Pin and double stitch. Cut your twill tape. You’ll need one small piece (8 cm). Divide the rest of the tape into 3 equal pieces (about 3 x 64 cm)

Thread your tape through the wooden button. It should be a bit stiff, because we will use this as a closing. If you can’t find the button, you can use a cord stopper, or don’t use anything, just make a knot when worn.

Fold the tape, pin it on the top of backside of the apron. Sew.[La Fete Tutorial] Apron step3 ::

[La Fete Tutorial] Apron 3 :: la-fete.nlStep 4 – make to length

I used Puck to measure how long the apron should be. She is about 95cm tall. I folded the apron on 60cm from the top. Cut, fold, pin, double stitch.[La Fete Tutorial] Apron step4 ::

Fold the right and left side inward, pin and double stitch.

Attach the two pieces of tape on the left and right side of the apron. The same way as the neckband. Fold the ends twice and zig zag.

Step 6 – add pocket

Pockets are supercool, because you can put all kinds of stuff in it. And it makes the apron look like a real one. You can make a rounded one (out of the leftover armhole pieces) or an easy and quick square one. For the square one I used a cut off piece of the length. Turn it 90 degrees. The top is already folded and sewn. Fold the sides inward & pin. Take your small piece of twill tape, fold it and pin the ends between the apron and the pocked. Double stitch.

[La Fete Tutorial] Apron step5 ::

[La Fete Tutorial] Apron 1 :: la-fete.nlYour apron is finished. They make a lovely gift for mini-chefs, just add twill tape in their favorite color. No twill tape? I used some pink recycled gift bag handles on the dotted apron.

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    Wat een mooie tutorial Nora, mijn complimenten. Als je ooit nog eens advies nodig hebt neem gerust contact op. ik ben nu parttime naaijuf. Gr caroline