milk light house


It’s getting colder and darker outside (at least here in Holland :), time to light some candles.[La-Fete-Tutorial] Milk Light House step4b ::

what you’ll need:
• empty milk/yoghurt cartons
• spray paint – I used matte white
• glue and/or double-sided tape
• ruler
• (colored) tracing paper
• pen/pencil
• scissors
• cutting knife
• (electric) tealight candle

[La-Fete-Tutorial]-Milk Light House materials ::

Step 1 – prepare your cartons
Rinse the cartons and let them dry. Close the opening with some glue or double-sided tape. I used a paperclip to secure during drying.

[La-Fete-Tutorial] Milk Light House step1a ::

Spray paint your cartons, according to the instructions on the paint. Mostly a few thin layers work better than one thick one. Let the paint dry. I did this overnight to make sure it’s completely dry.

[La-Fete-Tutorial] Milk Light House step1b ::





[La-Fete-Tutorial] Milk Light House 1 ::

Step 2 – design your house
Draw windows on your house, wherever you like them. You can place them only on the front but also on the sides. I draw different kind of windows to create a little city. Cut the windows with a sharp cutting knife.

Make an opening at the back of your house, where you can insert your tea light. If you use regular candles, don’t forget to make an opening at the top of the carton, so the hot air can get out.

[La-Fete-Tutorial] Milk Light House step2b ::

*** NOTE – be careful with regular candles! If your carton is too small or you don’t place your candle in the right way, the carton could burn. So I prefer electric candles.


Step 3 – decorate your windows
Cut the colored or white tracing paper in the size and shape of your windows. Stick some double-sided tape around the edges. Now you have to fiddle around a little to get the paper in the right place on the inside of the carton. With larger cartons a knitting needle can be useful to place and stick the paper.

[La-Fete-Tutorial] Milk Light House step3 ::


Step 4 – light your house
The house is finished! Place your candle and wait until it get’s dark outside. [La-Fete-Tutorial] Milk Light House step4a ::[La-Fete-Tutorial] Milk Light House 2 ::

[La-Fete-Tutorial] Milk Light House 3 :: la-fete.nlAlternative option
On the 11th of November we celebrate St.Maarten, where little kids go from door to door with a lantern and sing. This milk light house is perfect to make into a lantern. Just don’t make an opening at the back, but make window all around. At the top, make an opening big enough to get the light in. With some string or wire you can attach the house.

[La-Fete-Tutorial] Milk Light House 4 ::