patterned plates


These plates will add some fun to every party table or make a great gift. Just add some homemade merengue and your set.LF_patterned-plates_endresult_1       

what you’ll need:
*decor foil for porcelain in different colors
* hole punch
* a bowl with water
* paper kitchen towel
* oven
* scissors / scalpel

LF_patterned-plates_step_0Step 1 – Prep the plates Choose the plates you want to decorate. The ones I used are from our local thrift shop. Wash and dry the plates.

LF_patterned-plates_step_1Step 2 – Cut your pattern Cut out the desired motif with scissors, scalpel or punch. I used a hole punch for dots and a scalpel and scissors for triangles in different sizes.

LF_patterned-plates_step_2Step 3 – Decorate your plate This is the fun part. Put the punched/cut pieces in the bowl with water for a bit. Slide the decor foil from the backing paper onto the plate and smoothen with fingers from the centre toe the edges. Remove any moisture with a paper kitchen towel.

Place as many dots/triangles on the plate as you like. To get a playful effect; don’t forget to go over the edges, or drop a dot or triangle on the back of your plate.

LF_patterned-plates_step_3a LF_patterned-plates_step_3b

Step 4 – dry & bake The foil I used had to dry for 24 hours at room temperature and harden the next day in the oven at 180 °C  for 30 minutes.